Compofiller Studio 1.0 beta 8
(md5: 572ca6acc49f2b40ecc85165ac161651)

New in beta 8:
  • "Timings and texts" and a bunch of options for it. Can be used as timeline notes/comments for planning and navigation, even if you don't use text rendering.
  • Selectable linker for producing EXE files: GNU ld or Crinkler, when in previous versions only Crinkler was available. You can now use GNU ld for quick EXE run tests without waiting for Crinkler compression.
  • Many other changes and improvements. See changes.txt.

    There will be more stuff on this page later. Read readme.txt.

    How to install and use

    * Extract the whole folder structure from the ZIP and run CompofillerStudio.exe.
    * Click Play (if you want to see what it looks like)
    * Change "Active configuration" to "final.config"
    * Click "Minify from parent"
    * Click "Build EXE"
    * ... after a short while, there should be a 4k intro EXE.
    * Change the visuals and the music, rebuild and enter a compo.