Jussi Jokinen

The author is visual information designer, consultant and teacher who lives and works at Tampere, Finland. He's specialized in designing complex visual systems, like newspapers and web services. Read detaild CV

Email: jussijokinen at iki dot fi

Phone: +358 41 522 8212

Recent work:

Meego QA reports

Meego Quality Assurance Services

With talented folks at Leonidas I've been working on great UX project for MeeGo community. QA test reports are intelligently created, processed and visualized in order to create a state-of-the-art quality assurance tool for mobile industry.

Client: Meego community

I did: UX design, xhtml / css

DVD covers

DVD cover art

For years now I've been the main responsible for the cover art of DVD's published by Finnkino (I haven't counted, but it's hundreds of titles by now). It's a fast pace creative work, with a touch of movie star glamour.

Client: Craft Oy / Finnkino

I did: Graphic design

Lauttakylä newspaper

Lauttakylä redesign

Another child leaves the nest. A newspaper redesign project that lasted more than a year was launched in the beginning of March. Dated design of Lauttakylä was changed into more energetic, typographically effective yet productive visual design / layout workflow. The result: in 2010 Lauttakylä was ranked in Finland's top 3 local newspaper in its category.

Client: Huittisten sanomalehti Oy

I did: Art direction, newsdesign, page templates, custom InDesign workflow scripting, training of staff, nameplate design

Protosonni web site

Protosonni web site

Protosonni is a state of the art prototype development service that bolsters with a promise: "We'll give you a working prototype in one week". And that's exactly what Leonidas provides. Their tongue-in-cheek – yet very professional attitude in software business is portrayed in this pretty masculine web layout.

Client: Leonidas Oy

I did: Art direction, css/xhtml, wordpress customization

Illustrations: Jari Paananen

Leonidas web site

Leonidas web site & blog

Leonidas – an agile software company – wanted an easily maintainable site that communicates their highly professional attitude. Solution was a Wordpress-based blog / CMS system that's heavily customized to meet their specific needs.

Client: Leonidas Oy

I did: Art direction, css/xhtml, wordpress customization

Photography: SSC International Ltd.

TUKES poster

TUKES fireworks safety campaign

Safety Technology Authority of Finland decided to try something new with their traditional New Year fireworks safety campaign. We at Gemilo provided them with a complete social media package, including presence in Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr as well as whole new site. These visuals are the core of the campaign.

Client: Gemilo Ltd. / TUKES

I did: Art direction, logo design, image editing, motion gfx

Coding & site building: Gemilo Ltd.

Photography: SSC International Ltd.

Kiilto infographics

Infographics for Kiilto Oy chronicle

Chronicle of such a traditional company as Kiilto is definitely a dignified job. My infographics presented the growth of Kiilto in both terms of financial statistics and construction phases of factory area. Google Sketchup was of great help – what an inspirational piece of software.

Client: Kiilto Oy

I did: Infographics

Waraamo interface


Waraamo is a very flexible scheduling service for big and small businesses developed by our team at Gemilo Oy. Due to it's configurable, evolving and universal nature it was a demanding design challenge. How to create the one UI that fits all? The solution was a modular and fluid layout enhanced with a few customization options.

Employer: Gemilo Oy

I did: Visual design, UI design, xhtml / css implementation in mako templating environment.


PIRAMK infographics

Infgraphic presentation on complex issue of education processes, methods and categorizations. Target was to present this pool of information in clear yet attractive way.

Client: SSC International Ltd

I did: Research, infographics

Cityscape texture

Cityscape texture

Quick tiled texture illustration done for a client to use in an ad campaign. I like it.

Client: SSC International Ltd

I did: Illustration

helsinkiart.fi website screen capture


The seven largest art museums of Helsinki metropolitan area (combined annual visitors nearly one million) created a new network brand and needed quality website and visual identity to make their co-operation visible. It was fabulous yet demanding project, in which our team managed to create the whole website and graphic identity in a very challenging time frame of only a few weeks.

Client: 7 largest art museums of Helsinki metropolitan area

I did: Graphic design, UI design, infodesign, xhtml/css/js implementation

Symfony programming: Alasin Media Oy

Selected work:

Tyrvään Sanomat


Tyrvään Sanomat

Award winning redesign of Finland's oldest local newspaper.

I did: Visual design, templating, training

Client: Tyrvään Sanomat Oy

EDGE Magazine


EDGE Magazine

EDGE – skiing & outdoor magazine with a relaxed attitude.

I did: Visual design

Client: SSC International Oy

Art&Media 2.0


Art&Media 2.0

Promotional digipak DVD & 20-page brochure for TAMK Art and Media.

I did: Visual design, animated DVD-menus.

Client: Tampere University of Applied Sciences

History of NORDUnet


History of NORDUnet book

Complete visual and typographic design and execution of a company history book.

I did: Visual design

Client: NORDUnet A/S

Levottomat 3 DVD


Levottomat 3 DVD menu

Sophisticated DVD mograph menus made with love for a Finnish feature film.

I did: Motion graphics

Client: MÃ¥ndag Oy

Picture Gramophone


Picture Gramophone user interface

Karaoke creation and presentation system for dementia treatment purposes.

I did: Multimedia programming

Client: STAKES

Recent fun:

Back to Basics

My take on Finnish Book Publishers Association's competition which challenged participants to create a symbol system for digital, printed and audio books. In May 2011 Back to Basics was awarded with honorable mention amongst high quality attendants. Some similarity can be seen with the winner

Design from Finland

Another competition entries, this time for Association for Finnish Work, which needed a new symbol for Finnish Design (design is here understood in broad sense of word indicating industrial products but also for example software and services). 


A poster design for international UN competition under theme "Say NO to Violence Against Women". The task was to show that violence can and should be stopped. See the whole poster.


Oh, gymnastics is always fun. We don't stop playing because we grow old – we grow old because we stop playing. This is my performance from our playful competition of Spring 2011.

Centage! Fluid CSS Framework Evolved

Centage! – The Smart'n Fluid CSS/LESS Framework

Centage! is my five cents in defining a good fluid css framework.  The reason for creating Centage! is purely practical. I started to redesign my own site and wanted to go for a fluid grid, mostly just for the challenge of it. Less.js, the cutting edge technology gave means to do pretty much eveything I've ever wanted with CSS. Centage! at GitHub.

Typography experiments

Typography experiments

Some typography experiments from 2010. Above: Serious Slab, initiated at Reading U TDi course, middle: Alvar, inspired by Alvar Aalto door handle design, bottom: KL, an attempt to improve Kauppalehti page heads.

It Takes Ten To Feed One -poster

It takes TEN to feed ONE

A controversial poster design inspired by the fascinating positive propaganda at The Energy Standard. See the whole poster.


Last summer's artsy project made out of plastic soldiers, old kitchen table, paint and texture spray. Though not really showing in this image, soldiers of WE and ME are aiming at each other creating deep assosiations... and stuff (wooh!).

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