Forget the "Face on Mars". This is something they didn't tell you on their reports. They did, indeed, find this incredible formation from Mars, a formation, that resembles the letters FIT.

So, why didn't NASA announce the findings? There's no definitive answer to that, but prof. Heinfeld told at a conference held in New Zealand, that it was because NASA thought it would be too obvious sign of intelligent life on Mars and would cause panic.

Professor Heinfeld wishes to remain unknown for the public eye, but I received a picture of him during last debate on his private IRC-channel concerning this subject. He hasn't revealed where he got the picture presented above. Some people have said that he has a relative working as a janitor at NASA research center in Iowa.

Both Viking orbiters have taken pictures of these formations that reside near the famous volcano, Olympos Mons. The letters are about 25 km (16 mi) wide and about 6 km (4 mi) high.The red color of the rocks and soil is due to an abundance of oxidized iron in the eroded material

On 12th of October 1997 NASA delivered a confidential announcement to its 1-rated (high national security) officials. It contained some information about the discovery of the letters and how undisclosed the issue should be kept.

Some more info emerged, when Enoch Arden (name changed, he doesn't want to announce his real name), a radio amateur from Houston, to his surprise heard this piece of message from his speakers:

"... they're enormous... almost like three letters... i've never seen anything like that..."

He later found out that the message was a part of a discussion between a NASA scientist and a Pentagon officer. Pentagon refuses to comment this issue in anyway.

The Pentagon officer in question was rumoured to be one Major Bashin, but when a local newspaper interested in this case tried to contact him, he was nowhere to be found. According to Pentagon he was "Reported missing".

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visitors believing in this conspiracy.
visitors believing in this conspiracy. (NASA estimation)