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The whole story of how Pelikonepeijoonit got our first Dreamcast is a tad long, so let's just say that Ville/PKP was visiting Japan and sent one to Finland. After one evening of gaming, we were hooked, we fell in love, we wanted more! We also most likely were among the first people in Europe to play Soul Calibur, since it was published the day Ville was coming home and he picked it up on the way to the airport. It sure was a jaw-dropper, and still is.

Release dates
Japan - November 27th 1998
USA - September 9th 1999
Europe - October 14th 1999
Australia/NZ - October 30th 1999

But the big Sony was knocking on the door.. their marketing machinery and promises of an uber-machine pretty much killed the hope of the general public finding out about this excellent machine. With Nintendo coming back and Microsoft stepping into the ring, Sega decided to make a smart move and drop their hardware manufacturing.. So it was "bye bye Dreamcast", way too soon.. At least to the fans of  the console. Many felt disappointed by Sega's actions, some were happy to see their great games on other platforms too.

Still, DC is not quite dead. There's lots of homebrewn stuff available, emulators, games, utilities and in Japan some companies are still releasing new games (Ikaruga was released in September of 2002).

Dreamcast specs
Primary CPU: Hitachi SuperH4 RISC CPU 200MHz  (360 Mips)
Graphics: NEC PowerVR Series II at 100MHz
Sound: Yamaha AICA Sound Processor
Memory: 16MB RAM, 8MB video RAM, 2MB RAM sound. 26MB total.
CD-ROM Drive: 12 speed Proprietary Yamaha GD-ROM (Gigabyte Disc). 
Stores up to 1.2 GB.
Most DCs also include a 56k or a 33.6k modem.

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