Simple Voting System (SVS)


Simple Voting System, SVS for short, is a compo voting application originally developed for Vammala party. The application was done as an exercise task for course "73270 Hypermedian perusteet" by Markku Reunanen (main coding & documentation) and Pablo Virolainen (testing). We thought someone else could use the application too, so we released it for free. If you're the organizer of a small party and would like to have a web-based voting system, then here's your chance. SVS has proven its value in practice in numerous occasions so far: Vammala party 2000-2007 and Proxy 1886 & 2001.

Everybody loves screenshots. We've got two of them showing SVS in action. SVS in Netscape and in Lynx on Marq's AlphaStation.


Here's a couple of good reasons to use SVS:


SVS is written in Perl, so a Perl interpreter is required in the server as well as the HTTP service of course. SVS is developed in Linux/Unix environment, but only the password handling (and possibly not even that) plus some minor details are system dependent AFAIK. With very little Perl knowledge you can port it to other environments as well.

Future plans

The future of SVS is currently unknown. A lot depends on the feedback we get, so all ideas, bugreports, flames and thanks are welcome. Currently the development is halted since there didn't seem to be too much interest in the application.


Get the full source, documentation and examples in tar+gzip format: svs-0.9.tar.gz.
A quick hack to get the passwords from a text file is here: password.txt.

 Markku Reunanen ( aka Marq/Fit^L!T
 Pablo Virolainen ( aka Duke NEMO/Coma^L!T

Last updated Jul 16th 2005.