Yki's MIDI Channel Keyswitch

By Yrjö Fager, yki@iki.fi

What it does

I originally made this to get keyswitching for AMG's Kick-Ass Brass VSTi, but it's usable with basically any multi-timbral VST instrument (like HALion or Kontakt) or even external MIDI hardware.



This is version 0.9. I've only tested it with Cubase SX 3.1. The plugin is usable and functional, but
I'll probably fix these in the future (especially the color), if I have time.

DOWNLOAD: keyswitch090.zip

Installation and use


There's no warranty. Use it at your own risk. You can download and use the plugin for free, but if you think it's worth something to you, also feel free to donate any sum you think is appropriate via PayPal. Use this button:

Last update: 2006-08-22