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Something interesting about Salora Manager
and a few other machines

is actually a

Salora Manager Vtech Laser 2001
is compatible with
(even the carts fit)
Salora Manager Dick Smith Wizzard aka Vtech Creativision aka  Hanimex Ramses

needs only an adapter to play


Salora Manager Colecovision games

is actually a scaled down version of an

Colecovision MSX computer
Few words from a programmer : Colecovision and MSX are really close to each other, sharing the same processor, video and audio chips. MSX has more RAM than the CV and that's pretty much the only thing that prevents direct MSX ports to Coleco.

it pretty much killed the

When MSX was released Sega SC-3000

was planned for the

A Colecovision adapter Sega SC-3000

was based on

Sega SC-3000 the Sega SG-1000

takes both

Telegames Dina Colecovision and Sega SG-1000 carts

is pretty close to the

Sega MasterSystem Colecovision as well
The SMS has more memory than the CV, and also an updated version of the video chip, which is mostly backwards compatible though..

needs only an adaptor to play

Spectravideo SV-318 Colecovision games

originate from the

the MSX computers Spectravideo SV-318

has an add-on that will turn it into an

Spectravideo SV-318 MSX computer
There's an arabic MSX computer that can play Sega Megadrive games...
There's an adapter to play Nintendo 8-bit games on an MSX ...
And of course everyone knows there's an adapter to play Atari 2600 games on a Colecovision, and with that same adaptor that can be done also with the Salora Manager's Colecovision adaptor...

Confused yet? So are we. If you have anything to add here or want to contradict any information on this page, let us know.

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