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What is Lieves!Tuore?

Lieves!Tuore is a group of Finnish people, who are interested in MSX.
We're determined to make demos and other stuff for the MSX machines.
Lieves!Tuore was founded in 1996 by Marq and XXXXX.

After a "little break" of ten years (1998-2008) we're back again ;)

Lievestuore is a village in the municipality of Laukaa, Central Finland.
At the moment there are about 2500 inhabitants. The village is best known
for its former military base and the smelly cellulose factory which was
immortalized by Irwin Goodman whose song "Lievestuoreen Liisa" was a hit in
1971. We have no personal connection to Lievestuore: they just happened to
have a funny sounding name that matched our quirky sense of humor.

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