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About these pages

These pages were created in 2004 to collect together all the scientific material concerning the demo culture, also known as the scene. At the moment this audiovisual subculture is very little known and no large-scale research on the topic exists. By collecting the various bits and pieces together we're trying to build a big picture of what's been done and by whom. Any additions and corrections are welcome. Especially references to foreign theses and articles are hard to find.

Some of the online articles and other material may be inaccessible these days and therefore we have downloaded and archived many of the items in the bibliography during the years. Feel free to contact us if you need help in finding material.

The authors

Antti Silvast is doing a sociology PhD at the University of Helsinki on the practicioners of large infrastructures systems. Hitherto he has also worked at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and both worked and studied at the Helsinki University of Technology. Nowadays mostly concentrating on his PhD studies and writing, his previous pastimes have included lodging in the demoscene and VJ (visual jockey) communities as a programmer, musician and visualist.

E-mail: asilvast at iki dot fi

Markku Reunanen, also known as Marq/Fit, is a long-time programmer who occasionally wanders to the art domain as well. At the moment Markku works as a lecturer at the Helsinki University of Art and Design. During his scene career (1991-) he has done productions for several platforms: PC, MSX, Mac, Amiga and Atari Falcon to name a few. Portability, Unix and open source are especially close to his heart.

E-mail: marq at iki dot fi

Thank you

The authors would like to thank Petri Isomäki, Petri Saarikoski, Maija Haavisto, Ingo Linde, Reid Hauke Tønnesen, Lassi Tasajärvi, Aki Järvinen, Erkki Huhtamo, Anders Carlsson, Daniel Botz, Anja Hartmann and Doreen Hartmann for their comments and/or help.