Markku’s thesis finally online

Markku’s licentiate thesis Computer Demos — What Makes Them Tick? (Reunanen 2010) was accepted yesterday. A licentiate is a bit of an oddity, an intermediate degree between M.Sc. and PhD, that exists in that form only in Finland and Sweden. Thanks to everybody who contributed and commented (esp. Antti)! The thesis can be downloaded here:

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  1. Marilou Says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading this, congratulations Markku! Best of luck for what you do next!

  2. markku Says:

    Thank you! It was a bit of a painful process to get it done, so the next thing is to take a break for a while. We’ll see what happens next 🙂

  3. markku Says:

    The first review I found was this:
    Google translate gave me some sort of idea of the content, but especially the end got translated badly, so I didn’t quite get what they thought of it…

  4. antti Says:

    Hi! The Google Translate of this was pretty incomprehensible, but according to my high school German, they thought really good about your work. Your thesis is said to be among other things “intensive” and “well researched”, and it is recommended also to those readers who are already familiar with the Freax book — and particularly to those who do not know much about the scene yet. In the reviewers’ mind, your text shows all the time that “Reunanen ein Mann vom Fach ist”, which can be translated to “Reunanen knows his subject”, and your long background in the scene and this bibliography are also mentioned as part of this merit. The reviewers’ only minor gripe is that the book takes a lot of effort to read especially for those readers who are not acquainted with English.

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