Individual WiderScreen 1–2/2014 papers

Individual WiderScreen articles will start appearing on the bibliography little by little. Here’s the complete list of what can be expected.

  1. Patryk Wasiak: “Amis and Euros.” Software Import and Contacts Between European and American Cracking Scenes
  2. Markku Reunanen: How Those Crackers Became Us Demosceners
  3. Doreen Hartmann: Animation in the Demoscene. From Obfuscation to Category (Or: How to Demonstrate Skills without Adhering to the Real-Time Principle).
  4. Canan Hastik: Demo Age: New Views
  5. Marilou Polymeropoulou: Chipmusic, Fakebit and the Discourse of Authenticity in the Chipscene
  6. Markku Reunanen: Four Kilobyte Art
  7. Ville-Matias Heikkilä: Käsittämättömät koodirivit musiikkina: bytebeat ja demoskenen tekninen kokeellisuus
  8. Jaakko Kemppainen: Flash-demoskene: Reaaliaikaisten verkkoanimaatioiden esiinnousu ja hiipuminen


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