(PPC) Linux and Amstrad CPC

March 5th, 2011

Again in English to serve international people, too. It seems Ubuntu doesn’t let us emulate Amstrad CPC (ok, MESS might do it, but I’ve pretty much given up all hope with it). Skimming through a heap of abandoned emulators I finally came across the latest Linux sources of Arnold. Seems to compile fine out-of-the-box on x86 Linux, but a lot less so on PPC. The endian clean code seems to be there, but the compilation doesn’t go through without a few tweaks. So, here’s the fixed source and a PPC binary (tested only on Ubuntu 10.04 PPC):


Note that this version will not work on a little endian system. Press F1 to reset, F2 for fullscreen, F3 for mouse grab. The GUI part requires GTK2, but that you should have anyway. If the sound is choppy, try a different sound system. At least ALSA, OSS, SDL and Pulse support are compiled in.

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