Crystal Dream 2: Chess Scene

October 1st, 2019

Ever wondered how the chess game at the end of Triton’s old MS-DOS demo Crystal Dream 2 goes? If yes, I’m here to help! Can’t say for sure if the chessboard colors and orientation are right, but assuming they’re correct, here’s my best bet:

Black wins.

White has a losing position, with a rook against a queen and a piece down. The only hope of winning or even drawing is lost on the first move, when black captures the passed pawn with the knight and forks the rooks at the same time. White tries to pin the knight in front of the queen to save the other rook, but an in-between check breaks the pin. After losing the rook for a knight White’s position is hopeless, and he/she just aimlessly walks around with the king to avoid constant checks, until checkmated.

In glorious real-time flatshaded 3D here.

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