Charade Kids retrospective

October 7th, 2012

Some of the riddles were in English, too. Here’s a few of them. Not quite as innovative as the Finnish ones, which just highlights how difficult wordplay is in a non-native language.

  1. Smartass/wiseass
  2. Ballpoint pen
  3. Pantyhose
  4. Channel surfing
  5. Taxi driver
  6. Wristband
  7. Coathanger
  8. A Clocwork Orange
  9. Cross-dressing
  10. Mandarin Chinese
  11. Miss Finland
  12. Pay throgh the nose
  13. Girl power!
  14. Rearview mirror
  15. (Green)peace
  16. Popeye the sailorman and Olive Oyl
  17. Tart
  18. Charlie Brown

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