Pixel Polizei is out

May 17th, 2016

A project I’ve been working on for the last few weeks is now out: Pixel Polizei is a helper tool for the retro artist. The purpose is to let the “graphician” draw using whatever software they happen to like, check/force color clashes and finally save the outcome in native formats that can be viewed using emulators or the real deal. So far there is support for these machines and screen modes:

  • Amstrad CPC modes 0 and 1 with or without overscan
  • C-64 hires and multicolor
  • MSX screen 2
  • Oric hires
  • Plus/4 hires and multicolor
  • ZX Spectrum

More formats and platforms will appear when I find the time and motivation again. As usual, the tool should work on Lin/Mac/Win as long as Java 7 or newer is installed. Open source, too.


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