Sharp MZ goes chess

December 31st, 2019

If you’ve ever looked into the second character set available on non-Japanese versions of Sharp MZ computers, such as the MZ-700, you’ve probably noticed how there’s an absurd collection of various game characters, such as smiling and grumpy faces consisting of four blocks. Since you couldn’t display pixel graphics before the PCG extension or the MZ-800, the engineers tried to soften the blow by offering some possibly useful bits and pieces for games. Among the curious mess there’s also a full 2×2 chess set. Here’s a quick mockup of how the board would have looked like (thanks to Tero for finding the combinations and the tip about Tiled).

One possible set of colors, Sharp has as many as eight to choose from(!).

The queen has a weird look on her face, so using the pedestal from the king would probably look better. Likewise, there are prettier combinations for the pawns if you make the knob out of two filled half-circles. Some of the pieces could accommodate stretching to 2×3 blocks, but probably not all of them.

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