Nvidia generations in glorious PETSCII

January 5th, 2020

There’s a truckload of different Nvidia GPUs around and new ones might be right around the corner this year again. As a consumer it’s been kinda hard for me to compare between old and new generations and figure out whether an update would be worhtwhile. In addition to brand new products, there’s a rather big second hand market, where you might land great deals on aged but still usable cards. Here’s a rough visual view to the last four generations based on G3D Marks:

Plain PETSCII viewable on a real C-64 🙂

This kind of overview can never be really accurate, as there are all sorts of OC/Ti/Super models of GPUs (omitted here), newer cards may have features that the older ones lack and so on. Drivers, games, overclocking and cooling are some more variables that aren’t really present here. The very benchmark used here might not be the best available, but intuitively the figures seem about right (except for the 1030, which might be skewed by the DDR4 models). At least the graph should provide a quick idea with regard to upgrades: would it make a notable difference to switch or not?

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