Fall Guys is back on Linux(!)

April 14th, 2022

For a while Fall Guys the game worked fine on Steam/Linux using Proton, but because of speedhacks and other cheating they decided to start using the dreaded Easy Anti-Cheat, which immediately broke Linux compatibility. Even if you could still start the game, it was no longer possible to join the servers, so that was that. Recently, EAC did appear on Linux and also Proton, but Fall Guys stayed out of reach – not even the introduction of the Linux-based Steam Deck changed that. After some very recent updates (possibly preceding direct Proton compatibility), however, the guys are back:

I still suck at it tho.

It’s not yet a turn-key solution, as some tweaking is required, but if you follow these instructions, it shouldn’t be too tricky either. A few things you need to know:

  • Switch to Proton Experimental in the per-game settings.
  • Either run the script (that curl … stuff) in the terminal or do the editing by hand, not both.
  • Your Steam accoung needs to be linked to the Epic account – or something like that. This, apparently, doesn’t currently work on Linux, so start the game once on a Windows machine (doesn’t need to be the same machine).
  • Proton EasyAntiCheat Runtime needs to be installed on Steam, as it doesn’t happen automatically.

Sounds like a chore, but once you know the steps, it’s not that complicated at all and won’t take more than a couple of minutes, provided you have the Steam account linked or a Windows machine nearby to do that. At first the game didn’t want to proceed past the title screen, but on the second try all seemed to be well and now Fall Guys is back on Linux with no notable glitches. Let’s see how long this lasts 🙂

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