Deltaco gaming keyboard and War Selection

May 21st, 2022

Or maybe some other games and similar keyboards too. Anyway, my son has on his Linux PC a cheap Deltaco gaming keyboard, which doesn’t have a separate delete key. Previously it was no issue, as you could remove troops and buildings using backspace when playing War Selection. At some point, however, Glyph Worlds removed backspace “support”, leaving only the delete hotkey active. This wouldn’t be so bad if Deltaco’s Del key wasn’t in fact numpad delete with a different keycode not supported by the game. Duh. Some simple command line magic will fix the issue temporarily:

xmodmap -e "keycode 91 = Delete"

Normally the key in question produces KP_Delete, which is happily accepted by most software. After this little hack you get the wanted Delete symbol instead and all should be fine. You can of course map any other key for the purpose as well, xev will reveal you the keycodes.

Ja lyhyesti samma på finska. Jos näppiksestäsi puuttuu “tavallinen” delete-nappi, kuten tässä tapauksessa Deltacon halvasta pelinäppiksestä, et pysty poistamaan joukkoja ja rakennuksia Linuxin War Selectionissa. Syynä on se, että Deltacon Del-näppäin tuottaa väärän symbolin (KP_Delete eikä Delete). Yllä näkyvä rimpsu korjaa ongelman väliaikaisesti. Minkä tahansa muun napin voi myös mäpätä toki tarkoitukseen – xev kertoo, mikä on kunkin napin numero.

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