8BitDo Wired Controller and Linux

January 10th, 2024

So, you bought a wired 8BitDo gamepad for your Linux box. Nice gear! Except that when plugging it in it wasn’t recognized and didn’t work in Steam or much anywhere. The reason is that the controller has two modes, Xbox and generic USB joystick (this is how I’ve understood it at least), and for some reason the default mode is the first one. Sure, there is some Xbox controller support in Linux as well, but why bother, when you can just switch the mode?

Steam controller test view. The star button doesn’t do anything, though. Go figure.

Ok ok, enough with the suspense. Unplug the controller, keep pressing the B button and plug the USB cable back in. After this the mode is correct and Linux will happily recognize the pad. The mode seems to be stored permanently, so there is no need to repeat the procedure on next use. If you wish to switch back to Xbox, press X instead. The same trick should work with Android and maybe even Apple devices. This is sort of documented on the manual too, but since nobody reads them, let’s hope Google finds the solution at least.

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