Nvidia G3D marks in glorious PETSCII, part 2

October 30th, 2020

An update of my older post about recent Nvidia cards’ G3D marks (which, again, might be realistic or not). Some of the old figures had changed, and of course the new Ampere cards are of interest. Still PETSCII, but as the image has grown too big, not directly viewable on a real C-64 any longer 🙁

Hard numbers backed up by facts.

Super, Ti and such models excluded in order to avoid clutter, but in this benchmark at least the 2080 Ti is as fast as the 3070, and the 1080 Ti almost reaches the 2080. The 1030 looks slightly better than last time and, judging by my own experiences, its placement is more realistic now. The next update will probably come after the low-end Amperes arrive.

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