English fansubs for California (1977)

March 5th, 2022

After fifteen hours of hard work including translation and tweaking a lot of timings, I’m happy to present English subs for Michele Lupo’s excellent, little-known spaghetti western California (aka. Adios California, 1977). Download them right here: California-blu-ray-en.srt. If you just want to see the movie with English dubbing, it might be available somewhere, but as far as I know, the best image quality can be found on the Italian/French blu-ray version, which has subs only in French. Some notes:

  • These subs match the 1:40 Artus Films version, other releases might be different.
  • I used the “original” English dubbing as reference, but at times it was so off that it had to be modified.
  • Portuguese and German fansubs were useful too, but they’re not for this exact version and the timings were off.
  • Some inaudible mumbling was left unsubbed as I had little hope of deciphering it.

Previously I’ve used a plaintext editor or Gnome Subtitles, but this time I discovered Aegisub, which made at least some things easier. The audio waveform view, in particular, helped to get the timings right, even if I probably didn’t use most of the advanced features the program has. Enjoy!

Giuliano Gemma in his best Western role – not just a pretty boy with little acting skill any more.

Viidentoista tunnin ähellyksen jälkeen sain aikaiseksi California-spagettilänkkäriin (1977) englanninkieliset kelpo tekstitykset. Itse filkan voi katsoa “jostain” enkkudubbauksellakin ilman isompaa vaivaa, mutta ehdottomasti paras kuvanlaatu on Artus Filmsin blu-rayssä, jossa on kuitenkin tekstit vain ranskaksi ja äänet ranskaksi sekä italiaksi. Oleelliset linkit yllä. Saatan sormiharjoituksena tehdä vielä myös suomitekstit, vaikka niiden yleisö pieneksi jääneekin.

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